Episode Three Update

The team is hard at work producing our next episode! Hosts Janelle and Joël interviewed Professor Matt Bishop and found out lots of information about the technology used during elections. Stay tuned for more updates!

Curious about election technology?

Look no further! We’re working on a brand new episode on Election Tech, and have an interview planned with UC Davis professor Matt Bishop about the topic.

We expect it to be out in early spring! In the meantime, check out our past two episodes on Spotify here.

We’re on Spotify!

In addition to the website and our campaign on Instagram, our podcast has been added to Spotify! Episodes 1 and 2 are live now.

Follow us here!

New episode coming soon!

Over the last Fall quarter, we have been working on our second podcast episode, which will be about “Artificial Intelligence (AI), natural language processing, and AI Bias”.

We’re still working on post-production but the episode should be released very soon!

In the meantime, we have a marketing campaign running on instagram and we’re already brainstorming for our third episode (to be released at the end of the Winter quarter).