About us

#include<cs> is a podcast about computer science and technology with an extra dose of fun. Co-hosted by Janelle Marie Salanga and Dr. Joël Porquet-Lupine @ UC Davis, the podcast uses non-technical language to explain computer science history, issues, and news.

Meet our team!

Janelle Marie Salanga, Host, Co-Founder

Janelle Marie Salanga is a Science & Technology Studies major and Asian American Studies minor at UC Davis. Aside from being an editorial intern for UC Davis Magazine, they hope Disney stops making live-action remakes, that the San Francisco Giants return to greatness, and that conversations about diversity actualize into more stories and technology from #ownvoices.

Dr. Joël Porquet-Lupine, Host, Co-Founder

Dr. Joël Porquet-Lupine is an Assistant Professor of Teaching Computer Science at UC Davis. He teaches many of the core CS courses in the undergrad curriculum, and his research mainly focuses on developing new tools to improve engineering education. Prior to joining UC Davis, he worked in many diverse settings across the private sector and academia around the world.

Armin Nouri, Production Assistant

Armin Nouri is a third-year Cognitive Science major and a production assistant for the team. His job includes assisting the crew with sound editing, outreach, brainstorming topics, and making silly jokes. In his spare time, he enjoys writing, photography, and picking up heavy objects.

Jules Lozano, Website Management and Design

Juliana (Jules) Lozano is a second-year Cognitive Science major with an emphasis in Neuroscience. She works on website management and design. Outside of the podcast, she can be found writing short stories and poems or doing yoga.

Olivia Tobin, Research and Script writing

Olivia Tobin is a second-year Computer Science major and English minor. For the podcast, she researches possible topics for episodes and helps write the script.

Noah Rose Ledesma, Audio Engineering and Production

Noah is a third-year computer science major and (future) philosophy minor. He has a great interest in education and teaching within computational fields. He does audio engineering and production for #include<cs>.

Past members of the podcast

  • Madiha Javed